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Who We Are? (About Ourself)

We are the Leading WISP Company in Cyprus with speeds higher than the Average WISP company, we provide a Fast Suport Service and a very Fast Speed to customers who need it!

How Do I Renew my Internet?

Use the Renew Subscription Link  >here<  and choose the best option for you!

Can I upgrade my account if I need to?

Yes you can Phone our Customer Support Line and Pay to Upgrade to the Service you Need with our Amazing Support Team

Where are the Hotspots?

Short Circuit Hotspot Locations are Located All Over Cyprus , make sure to check around you for them and make sure you have a good signal !

My Internet isn't Working?

Check your adapters and restart your router , if the problem still persists then call the support line

Why do I have Wifi but I'm not connected to the Internet?

this means that your Antenna is not being powered properly or not connected to the Router , please check the connections