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About Short Circuit

Find out more about Short Circuit Online, Cyprus's leading Internet Service Provider.

Who are we?

Short Circuit is a next generation Wireless Internet Service (WISP) . We have come together to provide communities with fast, reliable Internet connections. Building on the success of our service we are continuing to expand our network and are now able to provide high quality Internet to even more homes and businesses. We began our Journey connecting people together with Wireless Internet and now we have done just that and we will be continuing this Journey and hope that we can keep connecting people together

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Our mission

Short Circuit offers a fast way to connect to the Internet without the cost or service restrictions of traditional solutions. As it’s wireless you can benefit even if your current Internet speed is very low because of your location. Our Pay as you go internet Service has permitted all our clients to choose when they want internet and when they want to pay, giving them the choice not traditionally done by other Internet providers. One of the many things our customers love about us is our great dedication to give good service. We offer a one to one support structure giving our clients a quick solution to all their problems with just one phone call. Our Hotspots Have allowed people to connect to each other on the go giving more freedom than ever and also offering business's Internet for their customers.

Our Goal

We strive daily towards the cutting edge of technology, spending every moment ensuring that our networks are always poised to provide the very best in wireless internet solutions. Whether you want to access fast Internet at home or work or your business Short Circuit has something just for you.

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