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Frequently asked questions

What is Short Circuit Online?

We are the Leading Wifi Internet Service Provider (WISP) Company in Cyprus with speeds higher than the average WISP company, we provide a fast support service and very fast speed to customers who need it!

How Does An Installation Work?

1. Installation is done within 24 working hours, without the need of a phone line.

2. Our Technicians will install an antenna on the roof and a router in your house.

3. Once Installed they will help you connect straight to our Fiber line internet.

4. You can customise your password and connect immediately with as many devices as you want with unlimited data!

5. A pay as you go service without any fees while your subscription is inactive!

How Do I Renew My Internet?

To renew your internet subscription with us you can click renew subscription in our menu or click the button below & choose the best package for you.

Where Are The Hotspots?

Short Circuit Hotspots are wifi signals of our company that are available for people that want to simply connect to the internet without the need to have your own router.
You can find our hotspots within the areas of Famagusta and Larnaca district under the name www.shortcircuitonline.hotspot, make sure the signal strength is very good and once that is verified you can connect on it and the network will guide you how to pay and get your internet running in a few minutes!

My Internet Is Not Working, What Do I Do?

Check your adapters and restart your router, if the problem still persists then call the support line on +357 23723708.

I Have Wifi But I Am Not Connected To The Internet?

Your subscription time may have run out with us. You can check your remaining time by connecting to your router & clicking the button below.

Alternatively this could mean that your Antenna is not being powered properly or not connected to the Router, please check the connections.

Should the problem persist please call our technical support on +357 23723708.

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